Group Therapy’s Benefits in Substance Abuse Treatment

group therapyGroup therapy is a vital component in any comprehensive addiction treatment program. It offers clients the ability to access support and encouragement from the community surrounding them in a residential treatment facility. The natural sense humans have to congregate, and to lean on people around them, makes group therapy a very powerful tool in treating substance abuse.

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Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits in Substance Abuse Recovery

vocational rehab benefitsThe incidence of substance use disorders among people with disabilities appears to be even greater than it is for the general population. In particular persons served by the State-Federal Vocational Rehabilitation System. Such people pose a greater risk of substance abuse because of medication abuse, poverty, unemployment, and lack of education. They receive less academic education, as well as drug and alcohol addiction warnings and precautions.

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Family Roles in Substance Abuse Recovery

family supportAddiction is a family disease, we have heard it over and over, but making sense of it can be tricky. Substance abuse recovery isn’t something done alone, as they say, “It takes a village to raise a kid”, the idea rings true when trying to make recovery a reality in a family dynamic. Addict’s best recover with the support of family, friends, and the recovery village created around them when they finally reach treatment. When one member of the family unit is struggling with addiction, it is safe to say they didn’t get there all on their own.

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Annual Lava Hot Springs Trip

lava hotspringsJoin The Haven June 3rd - June 6th for the annual Lava Hot Springs camping trip. This is the start of summer fling, a not a trip to be missed. We will be driving to Idaho on June 3rd, spending two amazing days at the hot springs, the driving back to Utah June 6th.

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A Look at Utah’s Growing Opiate Epidemic

utah opiate epidemicWhen most people think of Utah, they think Mormons, outdoors, and scenery like nowhere else, not a prescription opiate and heroin epidemic. Utah residents are ranked some of the healthiest people in the country, with 60 percent members of the Mormon Church. The Mormon religion discourages its members from using alcohol or drugs at all, including caffeine, due to their religion’s restraint on using any “harmful substances”. So how is it we are ranked eighth in the country for prescription overdose related deaths?

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