The Havens Program has been in operation since 1969 providing quality care and treatment services to a diverse population that are 18 years of age and older. The organization prides itself on using evidence based treatment models in order to help the individual heal from the issues associated with their use.  The Haven is primarily a Substance Use Disorder facility, but also deals with issues related to trauma, life skills, housing, access to healthcare, family reunification, legal, employment, mental health and pro-social peer groups.

Our History 

The Haven is able to provide these services because we employ only the most highly trained and educated individuals on our clinical team.  We learned from our pioneering times that it is crucial to employ clinicians that are not only educated, but certified in the modalities they are facilitating. The team consists of Masters Level Therapists, Psychologist, Substance Use Disorder Counselors, Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Peer Support Specialists.  This dynamic team is able to facilitate and implement programing that fits the needs of each individual enrolled in services. The Haven also has an administrative team that has helped the organization overcome challenges, created policy changes that promoted agency health, trained teams on leadership structure and helped bring The Haven out of the financial crisis that came close to shutting the programs doors. This team along with the clinical staff brought the program out of the dark ages.


The programing changed significantly since opening its doors in 1969 because of the population we serve along with the organizations restructuring. The Havens Program now provides individual therapy, case management, weekly family workshops, life skills training, volunteerism, recreation and team building. The Haven also offers a variety of groups such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Moral Reconation Therapy, Seeking Safety, Shame Resiliency, Self Defeating Behaviors, Sanctuary Model that focuses on trauma related issues peer driven groups. These methods are highly effective and promote change within the individual by their engagement in the treatment process.

The Haven continued its evolution by opening up Recovery Resident homes in 2008, which created housing for low income individuals leaving treatment programs who were unable to find affordable housing. This created sustainability in their recovery by providing safety and a communal support system for these individuals. It is now considered one of the largest housing programs in Salt Lake County that provides effective housing for individuals who are in the early stages of their recovery.

It is important to note that our programs would not be flourishing today without the support of the alumni association. They are the glue that holds the community together and are the recovery system for people who are in the early stages of their sobriety.

The Havens long history only proves the effectiveness of its programing. It also shows the diligence of the staff who work tirelessly to make the organization the best it can be for its clients. The Haven is close to everyone’s hearts that it touches and plans to continue growing in order to reach more people struggling with addiction.



We offer residential treatment services, as well as safe and supportive transitional housing in The
Haven’s Sober Living Program. We provide services for veterans, individuals with little to no
income, justice involved, and who are homeless or have unstable and unsupportive housing.