Havens Program: Providing Comprehensive Care and Evidence-Based Treatment Since 1969

Since its founding in 1969, The Havens Program has offered high-quality care and treatment services to a wide range of individuals who are at least 18 years old. The Haven takes great satisfaction in employing evidence-based treatment strategies to assist the client in recovering from the problems related to substance use.  Although The Haven focuses largely on treating substance use disorders, it also addresses trauma, interpersonal abilities, living expenses, healthcare access, reunification of families, criminal justice issues, employment, psychological wellness, and socially conscious peer groups.


Exceptional Clinical Team: Delivering High-Quality Care at The Haven

Because we only hire the most highly qualified and educated people to work on our clinical team, The Haven can offer these services.  Our pioneering days taught us how important it is to work with clinicians who are not only qualified in the modalities they are facilitating, but also highly educated. Master's level therapists, psychologists, counselors for substance use disorders, licensed mental health therapists, social service workers, case managers, and peer support specialists make up the team.  Each person enrolled in our programs can have their needs met by this dynamic team through program implementation and facilitation. 

To give the most complete care possible, The Haven additionally offers in-house medical treatment through our medical director, nurse, and medical coordinator. This includes a thorough medical history and physical examination, pharmaceutical administration, and outside referrals as necessary to handle more complicated medical conditions.

By guaranteeing seamless operation and efficient provision of services, the leadership team at The Haven also plays a critical role in the organization. Professionals with a variety of abilities and knowledge make up our team, which handles different facets of our programs. The leadership team oversees our treatment facilities, strategic direction, creating and implementing policies and procedures, representing the organization in the community, and upholding partnerships with key stakeholders.


The team also oversees the program's finances, monitors, and assesses the caliber of services rendered by our programs, manages the personnel inside the company, and aids all those who make up the organization as needed.

Due to a variety of factors, including advances in our knowledge of substance use disorders, cultural shifts, and technological breakthroughs, The Haven's programming has changed significantly throughout the years. A few of the most important ones include knowledge of the intricate biopsychosocial disorders. The perception of substance use disorders has changed from being viewed as an act of morality or as a simple lack of willpower to being recognized as a chronic, recurrent mental condition that necessitates extensive treatment.

Evidence-based methods are currently being used in our organization. This entails depending on therapies that have undergone rigorous testing and been shown to be successful. To address each person's unique background, including genetic, environmental, and personal history components, we now provide tailored and integrated care. The Haven has adopted integrated care strategies that address co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

New mind-altering substances have also emerged, such as artificial substances and synthetic opioids, which have necessitated The Haven to modify its strategies to meet these new challenges. The Haven places a greater emphasis on community support and long-term recovery, including assistance beyond the completion of formal treatment. Our clients' ability to sustain long-term recovery is greatly aided by peer support groups, recovery-oriented care systems, and alumni and community support networks.


Expanding Care: The Haven's Comprehensive Recovery Programs

The Haven has continued its evolution by opening a full continuum of care which encompasses multiple gender specific programming, intensive outpatient, general outpatient, aftercare, and housing within our recovery residences. Our organization continues to expand services and plans to continue increasing our capacity for years to come to treat the ever-growing need for these services within our community.