The Haven’s mission is to empower and enrich the lives of the individual’s we serve, with a vision to help as many people as possible find their path to recovery. The Haven strives to teach responsibility, integrity, and accountability to all of its clients, and believe in fostering a culture of compassion, excellence, and perseverance in all that we do. We believe that in order to do that the staff must demonstrate these same values and model virtuous behavior in all aspects of operation. The Haven selectively, hand-pick’s each team member to ensure that we provide the best care treatment and services. The Haven’s clinical team is highly trained and certified in a number of evidence based modalities that range from: Seeking Safety, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Moral Reconation Therapy, Trauma Informed Care, Relapse Prevention, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). 




In 2018 The Haven earned the first-ever Utah Nonprofit Organizational Credential Award. This is a very prestigious recognition for The Haven, as this award is earned, and not given. The Haven completed all nine credentialing badges by providing their best practices in the areas of: Leadership and Organizational Culture, Marketing and Communication, Fundraising and Resource Development, Outcomes and Evaluation, Finance and Legal, Human Resources, Advocacy and Civic Engagement, Board Governance, and Volunteer Management. These awards and badges are earned by the organization as a whole, but are only made possible by the dedicated and focused work of a team of individuals driven by the same mission and goal.


The Haven has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Behavioral Healthcare Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards. The Gold Seal of Approval is a symbol of quality that reflects The Haven’s commitment to providing safe and effective care.

The Haven underwent a rigorous onsite survey in 2017.  During the review, compliance with behavioral health care standards related to several areas, including care, treatment, and services; environment of care; leadership; and screening procedures for the early detection of imminent harm was evaluated. Onsite observations and interviews also were conducted.


Sober Living


The Haven’s Sober Living Program has played an instrumental role in the success of many individuals living their lives in recovery today. The Haven’s housing program really stands out from the rest due to our unique approach in cultivating a space that honors autonomy and self-determination. The sober living and alumni community have encompassed a “No Man Left Behind” mindset and this is evidenced by the constant support shown to each individual regardless of their means or motivation for being there. The Haven’s housing program is centrally located and affordable, costing only $500 a month.

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Strong Alumni Association

One of the unique qualities about The Haven is the large community of Alumni support. The Haven Alumni are individuals who have participated in the residential program, and are now living healthy happy lives. This alumni support system provides a vision of hope, inspiration, and dedication to sobriety for individuals who are enrolled in our services.


Best of State

The Haven is the two year recipient for the Best of State Award for Humanitarian Organization. This is one of our proudest, most esteemed awards because our organization prides itself on providing charitable services for individuals based on need rather than their ability to pay.



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We offer residential treatment services, as well as safe and supportive transitional housing in The
Haven’s Sober Living Program. We provide services for veterans, individuals with little to no
income, justice involved, and who are homeless or have unstable and unsupportive housing.