Alumni Association

Our Alumni: Fueling Lasting Recovery and Community Growth

Family members, former residents, and other members of the recovery community hold a particular place in their hearts for The Haven. The foundation of a lasting recovery is our alumni association. Because of the positive influence The Haven has had on their lives, our alumni come to share their experiences and give encouragement. The involvement of the alumni has led to an organic evolution of this. It's frequently called "The Haven Magic."

Our Philosophy

From the first day of contact, our goal for everyone is "recovery that lasts." A grateful culture is reflected in the graduates of The Haven. They genuinely want to share this with the next person in need because they recall how their recovery started. One of the most important components of excellent outcomes is providing a lifetime community of healed individuals. To raise everyone's quality of living, a community is required. "I struggle a lot on my own, but together we will succeed!"

Our Method

From the beginning, a long-term healing approach is expressed. Our goal is to provide a new way of life and end the cycle of ongoing misuse of substances.

An alternative path in life is modeled by the Haven Alumni, who live a healthy, recovery-oriented existence. Our theme is "Adulting with integrity." Promoting participation in the recovery community and offering structure helps individuals develop a sense of confidence in themselves.

Participation in the 12-step program is welcomed, but there are other ways to heal, as well. When it comes to maintaining long-term recovery, most of our alumni have incorporated the 12-step method into their lives.

The Haven Alumni Association provides a chance that lasts a lifetime. The cornerstones of our belief that: Yes, you too can recover! include frequent alumni gatherings, volunteer work, recovery events, and social activities.