Haven Alumni Highlight - Tony

Haven Alumni Highlight - Tony
April 24, 2024

The Haven was the catalyst for me to gain a second chance at life...

Before entering the Haven my life was in a spiral of despair, loneliness, and a collection of negative consequences. Living this way day and day was the only life I knew. I was walking the earth without a soul and I believed that this was the way my life would be forever. Knowing that and accepting it, I welcomed death.

I tried a multitude of ways on my own to fix my life. I failed every time. Fortunately I was redirected down another path. A path that would create a life that has become a blessing to live everyday. This life began when I entered the doors of the Haven. The Haven was instrumental in helping me become a man that I am proud to be today. The staff, the fellowship, and the "magic" that goes on here is something that has been created by the greatest force, love. I Thank the Haven for what they do for me and many others.

Today, I am a man that stands tall. I do not run from life anymore, I do not harm the people who love and support me, I help others like the Haven has helped me. I am happy, joyful, and free. The Haven was the catalyst for me to gain a second chance at life. For that I am grateful and forever in debt to carry to others what I have been shown.