About the Haven

Empowering Recovery:
The Haven’s Commitment to Transformation and Hope for Individuals 18 and Older

At The Haven, we’re dedicated to empowering individuals aged 18 and older on their path to recovery from substance use disorder. Through affordable and effective treatment services, we provide a safe haven for transformation, fostering hope and guiding toward a brighter future.

Our Mission

The Haven’s mission is to provide compassionate and comprehensive substance use disorder treatment to diverse individuals, empowering them to break free from the cycle of substance use and regain their lives. Through accessible and evidence-based programs, we strive to address the unique challenges faced by our clients, fostering a supportive community that promotes healing, recovery, and lasting positive change. Our nonprofit treatment center is committed to removing barriers to access, ensuring that everyone, regardless of financial means, can benefit from the transformative power of recovery. Together, we aim to build a healthier, stronger community by promoting sobriety, resilience, and the restoration of hope for a brighter future.

Our Vision

Our vision for The Haven is to support people on their path to recovery by offering all-encompassing and compassionate care. 

In addition to providing culturally competent care, holistic approaches to recovery, affordable and accessible options, we also offer trauma-informed care, long-term support, evidence-based practices, peer support, advocacy, and policy engagement.  By integrating these components, our organization's vision seeks to establish a supportive and empowering atmosphere that aids people in overcoming substance abuse, starting anew, and making meaningful contributions to their communities.

Our Goals

Our program's goal is to assist participants in overcoming their use of substances and achieving long-term recovery. Our organization aims to address the social, psychological, and physical components of addiction. The goals could change depending on the requirements of each person and the services that The Haven offers.