Sober Living

Helping Sobriety Remain a Success while Fostering Recovery and Maintaining and New, Productive Way of Life:

The primary purpose of The Haven's Sober Living Program is to offer safe, affordable housing to homeless individuals in need of support after graduating from residential treatment. The Haven's Sober Living Program was developed in 2007. The Haven currently owns three sober living properties, and manage a fourth which allows us the ability to accommodate up to 100 people at a time. Through public and private funding sources we are able to keep the cost of housing low for motivated individuals based on their need, rather than their ability to pay.

Candidates for Sober Living must be 18 years or older, employed, job seeking, or attending school. All residents of sober living will be provided with the support needed to establish a new, healthy life in recovery. To date a remarkable 86% of sober living participants remain clean and sober after one year in The Haven's Sober Living Program.