• Sober Living Works

    Sober Living Works

    With access to an alcohol and drug-free living environment - successful recovery is possible.
    Individuals trying to abstain are more successful in a sober living environment.

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  • Activities for Fun

    Activities for Fun

    A common misconception between addicts is that "My life will be over when I quit!"
    The Haven opens possibilities by teaching individuals how to have fun sober.
  • Build Healthy Relationships

    Build Healthy Relationships

    A key component to long term sobriety is healthy relationships.
    The Haven facilitates building relationships based on boundaries and helping others who are in need.
  • Lake Powell

    Lake Powell

    Each year The Haven takes Alumni, Residents and others in the community to
    Lake Powell all of whom share a common goal to stay sober.

Get Your Life Back

The Haven offers both residential treatment and sober living programs for men and women struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol. All of The Haven's facilities are conveniently located near downtown Salt Lake City, within walking distance of UTA TRAX and the University of Utah. Individuals needing help to stay sober find extra support with The Haven's Sober Living Program. While residents work on the skills needed to live alcohol and drug-free, The Haven Alumni show residents that life without drugs and alcohol can be fun and exciting. The Haven has been has been a leader in treating substance misuse disorders in Utah since 1969. Recovery from alcohol and substance abuse is possible.

Moderation: Strategy or Fantasy?

Moderation Strategy or FantasyIn compulsive behaviors, the human brain cannot conceptualize moderation, so it is incapable of employing it. Behavioral studies have shown that the more specific and defined a goal is, the more achievable it is. Moderation is very unspecific and determined by what one’s brain considers as normal, common, or frequent. Moderation is different to each person, making the depths of going overboard or staying on board different depending whom you ask.

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Considering Medication Assisted Addiction Treatment

Considering Medication Assisted Addiction TreatmentThe beginning stages of recovery are generally a time of serious transition. As individuals begin to re-imagine and recreate a life for themselves free from substances, begin identifying support, and what does and doesn’t work for them going forward, many turn to medication assisted treatment or MAT. Although this may be a fitting route for some, we wanted to take a closer look as to why it should be considered very carefully, and with much knowledge about the risks it holds.

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Three Ways to Recover from Addiction - Choose

Three Ways to Recover from AddictionWhether you are looking into substance abuse treatment for yourself or your loved one, it is important to understand the different approaches to treatment, and which one will provide the best outcome for your situation. Not all treatment centers and programs are the same. How a treatment center understands addiction will have a tremendous impact on how the issues, in your life or your loved one’s life, are treated.

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Accepted Insurance Plans

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The Haven is a 501(c)3 non-profit orgnization which means your donation is TAX deductable. Corporate sponsorships are available for select events and levels at certain times of the year. Please give the gift of sobriety to an individual struggling to leave the life of addiction.


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