The Haven opened the door for me to reach my potential...

I am a woman in long-term recovery, a macro-level social worker, and an advocate for the recovery movement. I would like to take a moment and tell you about my experience with The Haven as a client and as an alumni.

I entered The Haven on January 27, 2009 after a 90-day jail sentence; this is a day that I will never forget. Alone and afraid, I walked through the back door, sat with the group, and was voted into the house. I worked for the next 60 days on my deep core issues that I had never processed before. With the assistance of two phenomenal psychologists, I finally received the professional treatment and peer supports I required to heal.

I remember seeing alumni and the clients who were living in transitional housing and how happy and giving they were. I remember seeing their relationships with the staff and I idolized the way they carried themselves; I remember thinking “I want to be that alumni, and have those relationships.” The Haven also inspired me to continue my education. I was so moved by the compassion of my counselor, that I wanted to follow in her footsteps, and become a social worker; and so I did.

For me the magic of The Haven is easy to witness on the annual Moab or Lake Powell trip. I had the time of my life on these trips and nothing made me happier than dragging the residence on a 4 mile hike to Delicate Arch in Moab. I would watch the clients struggle and hate hiking in the hot sun; I would hear them complain and shout back “don’t quit before the miracle happens!” then to see their eyes light up as we rounded that final corner, and they saw the Arch for the first time; this was my reward.

The Haven gave me tools, AA taught me how to forgive, and therapy from the two psychologists taught me how to live. The Haven opened the door for me to reach my potential; they encouraged me, they were there for me, and they have, and always will be, my home team. Love you!