Practicing Mindfulness Meditation in Substance Abuse Recovery

meditation recovery Mindful meditation is an important, but often overlooked addiction recovery tool. It can greatly aid addicts in all stages of their recovery. It has proven very useful in the early months of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Many addicts and alcoholics experience mental cloudiness and fuzziness, and an inability to control their emotions. They are struggling to just get and stay off drugs and alcohol, but it has been shown that those who fail to cope and manage this in early recovery have a greater chance of relapse.

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The Impact of Diet and Nutrition on Substance Abuse Recovery

nutrition recoveryOne of the most overlooked aspects in addiction recovery is nutrition, and more importantly malnutrition. Most alcoholics and addicts arrive to residential treatment completely deprived of nutrients the body needs to heal. The first goal most residential treatment centers aim for is simply getting food into their bodies, so they provide consistent daily meals. 50 percent of addicts/ alcoholics are deficient in vitamins C and D, while 50 percent are deficient in iron, vitamin A and E. Often times however, addicts will replace drug and alcohol use with sugar and caffeine, which actually causes more harm than healing.

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Men vs. Women - How Addiction Differs

men vs womenDrug addiction is equally devastating for both men and women. Studies from the 1980’s and 1990’s compared men and women and addiction patterns. It showed that overall drug addiction was more common among men than women. Specifically it showed that males started using at a younger age, were more likely to abuse alcohol and tobacco, abused drugs more often in larger amounts, and they were more likely to engage in binge drinking. A 2013 study done by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health proved that about 12 percent of American males, at age 12 were using illegal drugs.

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12-step Program’s Positive Impact on Substance Abuse Recovery

program recoveryThe first 12-step program, Alcoholics Anonymous is a guide on how to do life, and especially when you deal with the chronic, and life-threatening disease of addiction? Many alcoholics and addicts alike have not only gotten their lives back through this 12-step program; they have improved their lives in ways beyond their once limited beliefs in themselves. There are now several sister programs in the 12-step based practice of recovery, which provide alcoholics and addicts to find the best fit for them.

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Relapse Prevention

relapse preventionIt is reported that 60 percent of people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction will experience a relapse at some point during their life. This statistic brings fear to alcoholics/ addicts, and their families alike, but there is a lot of preventative information and support available. Becoming educated on warning signs, behavioral patterns, and preventative options is the best thing an addict and their support can engage in.

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