Don't Be Fooled By Rock Bottom Myths

Don't Be Fooled By Rock Bottom Myths

Many drug and alcohol addicts talk about hitting rock bottom before sobering up. Many times, the rock bottom experience is both incredible and horrifying at the same time. The experience serves as a wake up call for the addict, and it is sends a message to any listener that the addiction experienced by those with substance use disorder is powerful enough create such stunning sadness.

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What Percentage of Fentanyl-Related Deaths Involve Other Drugs?


A new study out of New Hampshire examined more than a year's worth of fentanyl overdose death data to identify if poly-drug use was an issue. A study out of New Hampshire found that nearly all fentanyl-involved overdose deaths in the state also involved another drug, and that 20% of people who died of an overdose involving fentanyl had 10 or more drugs in their system. 

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Gabapentin: A New Target of Abuse


Last December, Ohio’s Board of Pharmacy began reporting sales of gabapentin prescriptions in its regular monitoring of controlled substances. The drug, which is not an opioid nor designated a controlled substance by federal authorities, is used to treat nerve pain.

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How Jobs, Housing, and Friendships Aid in Recovery


In treating addiction we have become adept at the detoxification and initial stabilization of individuals suffering from substance use disorders. Through a combination of effective medications and social, cognitive-behavioral, and milieu therapies, people can accrue many days, weeks, and months of initial improvement, abstinence, and remission. 

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Pulling Yourself Up vs Giving Up


Ever have the feeling the months, and years, roll by and you are not getting any closer to what you promised yourself you would one day do, or be? It happens to everyone at some point, even those who look to be "the most successful".

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