Why Addiction Treatment Makes All the Difference

Why Addiction Treatment Makes All the Difference

Addiction is a disease. For those that suffer from alcohol addiction or need drug addiction treatment, it's time to find the right treatment program. It is almost impossible to quit drugs or alcohol without professional help. Those that try to quit on their own quickly relapse because of the difficult withdrawal symptoms.

Help for Addiction is Available

Substance abuse treatment begins with a period in detox. This can last a few days or more, depending on the extent of the addiction and the substance being withdrawn from. Withdrawal is a tough process, and one that produces withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety, depression, shakiness, sweats, and trouble concentrating are only a few of the symptoms that can be experienced during withdrawal. Help is available once an individual decides that treatment is necessary.

Addiction Treatment Promotes Recovery

Addiction is both physical and emotional. Once the substance is removed from the body, there are still behaviors and cravings that will lead to a relapse if not managed correctly. Once detox is complete, most individuals move on to a structured environment to learn more about addiction. Residential treatment offers individuals the chance to focus only on addiction and ways to build on recovery.

Building a Support Network is Encouraged

During the initial phases of treatment and then throughout recover, building a strong support network is always encouraged. In early recovery, attendance in groups provided by the facility are mandatory. Once an individual leaves a program, finding group meetings out in the community is always recommended. When individuals are able to build a support network, they have people to call when they have the urge to start using again.

Recovery is a Step by Step Approach

Recovery takes time. While it can be frustrating for some individuals looking for an instant cure, it's important to know that recover is a process. Even if an individual relapses, this is expected and important to move on from. Treatment focuses on taking one day at a time to learn better coping skills instead of turning to drugs or alcohol.

If you have questions about addiction treatment, The Haven has answers. Call us today to learn more about treatment options in the area if you are struggling with an addiction.

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