The Myths About Alcohol

The Myths About Alcohol

Over the years, as people have struggled to make sense of their drinking, they've come up with a number of myths about alcohol. They may think one type of drink makes them more emotional. They may believe that gin makes them melancholy, tequila makes them confident, or champagne goes right to their heads.

The truth is that there's little scientific evidence for such claims

In studies, people who drink consume about the same amount and feel the same emotions, regardless of what spirit is provided for them. And yet for a long time, societies and even reformers have found it convenient to blame certain forms of alcohol.

Gin came under fire both in 17th Century England and the Prohibition-era US. It was associated with wild behavior, poor impulse control and lack of hygiene. Was gin especially addicting? Or was it the only drink available for the poorest, most desperate people?

What seems to be true is that alcohol addiction is caused by a number of factors. These include genetic predisposition and age of first exposure. The younger you are when you take your first drink, the more likely you are to become addicted. The body can become very dependent on alcohol at a younger age.

When someone suddenly stops drinking cold-turkey, it can lead to side effects like fever, tremors and even hallucinations. When someone struggles with real alcohol dependence, it's crucial that they detox in a supervised setting. That way, medications can be administered if needed, to help regulate the central nervous system to help avoid seizures.

Family relationships and friendships take on a new depth

Once people get help with addiction, they start to see the real issues behind their behavior. When they detox from alcohol they start to feel their feelings instead of denying them or pushing them down.

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