Supporting Your Recovery

Supporting Your Recovery

Ultimately, the goal of treatment at a center like The Haven is recovery. What does recovery look like? Almost everyone has heard that recovery is a process, not a moment. It's something that must be tended to daily. Sometimes, even relapse can be a part of the journey. What help for addiction can recovering addicts find on the outside? What's the best way to keep making progress?

These days, there are plenty of support groups for people who are recovering from alcohol and drug dependence. The 12 Step programs are the most famous of these. They are essentially free and can be found across the country. After treatment, some people commit to one meeting a day to help them stay sober. In addition to 12 Step programs, some hospitals run support groups of their own.

In recovery, it's important to start building healthier relationships

It can be appropriate to reach out to family members and friends for support. If they are willing to help you by listening or driving you to support group meetings, that can really assist in your recovery. If you approach someone to talk or ask for help and they aren't supportive, don't get down.

It's also important to keep reaching out

Technology has also found new ways to help people who struggle with drug and alcohol use disorder. Apps like Triggr Health can help you identify when you're at risk for backsliding and relapse. There are apps to help you find recovery meetings and send you motivational readings every morning. There's even social networks, like Sober Grid, to help you find like-minded companions after treatment.

Finally, The Haven is always here for the alumni of our treatment programs. If you or a loved one needs help with substance abuse treatment, reach out to us today. We're never too busy to listen. The Haven offers treatment through a variety of stages, including inpatient treatment and sober living.

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