Recovery Through Alcoholics Anonymous

Recovery Through Alcoholics Anonymous

When someone wants to stop getting drunk and start getting sober, the two words "Alcoholics Anonymous" comes to mind. There are so many misconceptions about the AA program that many are too scared to even try it out. Let's clear up some of those misconceptions.

AA - What It Is & What It Isn't

If someone has never attended an AA meeting, their mind may be spinning with scary thoughts about what the people are like, and what the meetings are like. Most of these thoughts are incorrect. The reality is that every AA meeting is different, but serves the same purpose. To help the fellow suffering alcoholic recover from alcoholism.

Truly, all walks of life enter the rooms of AA. There are young, old, male, female, blue collar workers, executives, even police officers and judges. The disease of alcoholism does not discriminate, but that is one of the beautiful things about the program. There are all different types of people with one thing in common alcoholism. This commonality is what brings the group together in understanding and love, rather than judgment and hate many alcoholics have received from the outside world.

In short, most recovering alcoholics say that once they went into the rooms of AA, they wished they would have done it sooner. The fellowship is one of the strongest parts of an alcoholic's recovery.

Rock Bottom

For many people suffering from alcohol addiction, they tend to wait until hitting "rock bottom" before seeking help. Everyone's "bottom" is different, but again has one thing in common. The commonality is what recovering alcoholics call "remembering the last drunk." The majority of alcoholics in recovery agree that if they can't remember their last drunk, then it hasn't happened yet.

It's important to mention this, because there is no need to wait until rock bottom to get help. If you are suffering from alcoholism, or even have questions as to whether or not you are an alcoholic, today is your day to find out more. One phone call, one question, or even one meeting can change everything for you. Don't wait until it's too late, there is so much experience, strength, and hope waiting for you on the other end.

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