Opiates & Opioids: The inner power to dismantle

Opiates & Opioids: The inner power to dismantle

Addiction does not have a selection process and an addict does not have the capability to process rationally. When men and women of all ages cross the barrier that divides a medical standpoint into a dependence stance, it will eventually lead to uncharacteristic traits of that person until they hit rock bottom. Being addicted to opiates is never foreseen, and an addiction to heroin is the hardest to get clean.

How Opiate Addiction Starts

Opiate addiction starts off as a simple-minded thought process to treat pain, usually in major injuries or post-op recovery. People become satisfied with the relief of what these chemicals can provide and never assume what it can turn into or the effects it has on the body. Not only do they eliminate pain signals to the brain, but they are doing so much more.

Addiction to heroin is what results from an opiate dependency that can no longer be satisfied. Almost anyone who becomes addicted to heroin has had that stranglehold from opiates wrapped around them, and have come to find out opioids are a stronger affiliate that soothe the feel for need. It's a progression that the user is blind to and makes the body more and more dependent on these drugs in order to function.

An Addict's Transformation

The body undergoes some serious transformations while under the intake of these drugs for a period of time. Opiates and opioids bind to receptors in our brain, spine, and digestive tract, thus causing us to have natural chemical imbalances. In addition, the body may slow down producing essential levels to function especially without these crutches. Levels of Serotonin, Dopamine, Melatonin and Endorphins - to name a few - become critically low with continued use of Opiates and opioids.

After continued abuse, it becomes seemingly impossible to stop using. The body now feels that something is wrong when it is sober. This is what causes addicts to continue to destruct their lives because of the feeling for the need to use at any cost. In order for someone to want recovery, especially those who have progressed into a heroin addiction, they must reach their rock bottom. Once here, the addict becomes willing to stop and recover.

Rock Bottom

Rock bottoms are different in for everyone. Some people could experience withdrawal symptoms, and find the courage to fight through it. Others may have to go to the proverbial bottom of the darkest hole before they want to climb out. Sometimes serious consequences are not enough, and life itself is not important enough in comparison to their high. People can wake up one day and want to stop using, but until they are at their rock bottom, no one can help. When rock bottom is reached, a willingness to get better arrives. Then treatment can begin. Recovery must be wanted and worked towards every day, but these addictions can be overcome and an addict can live free again.

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