Meth Addiction In The Plains Region

Meth Addiction In The Plains Region

Though the political world and the media have shifted focus to the war on opioids, the fact remains that meth is a huge issue in both the US and Canada. This is particularly true in the plains region. During 2017, at least 17 people in Montana had fatal overdoses on the drug. In Utah, meth-induced psychosis has been a factor in violent crimes including murders. In Canada, the problem persists as well.

The withdrawals associated with meth can last for months

People who want to stop using meth face a long, hard journey. The withdrawals associated with meth can last for months. That's one reason that a good support network is so important for lasting recovery. In fact, family therapy is one of the cornerstones of recovery from meth abuse. Going cold turkey in isolation rarely works. Even going from residential treatment to transitional housing is much better than simply being released home. Recovery is a journey, and it goes better if you have companions with you along the way.

Using a substance like meth can be isolating

People with substance abuse disorders often feel that no one understands their problems. They don't realize other people are having the same issues. They sometimes even believe that there's no help available for them. But that's not true. The Haven, in Salt Lake City, offers both residential and outpatient treatment. If you or a loved one is having trouble controlling their substance use, the Haven can help.

The Haven is an award-winning treatment center, but it's also more than that. It's a community

At the Haven, there's group and individual therapy. Twelve-step programs are represented, as is cognitive behavioral therapy. Haven alumni return to offer support and encouragement for current residents. And the members of this community are all proud to help each other get and stay well. If you are looking for a treatment solution in the Salt Lake City area, contact The Haven today.

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