Pulling Yourself Up vs Giving Up


Ever have the feeling the months, and years, roll by and you are not getting any closer to what you promised yourself you would one day do, or be? It happens to everyone at some point, even those who look to be "the most successful".

The elusive goal remains elusive even though you work hard, keep the goal in front of you and take the steps you think are necessary to make things happen.

"You are smart, talented and hard-working, what is going wrong? You might beat up on yourself and curse your luck, but maybe there is something you can do to pull yourself up and get back to making that important progress you desire."

1. Start by reviewing your goals: Take the time to write them down, and be as explicit and clear as possible. If you have been using a goal like “Find a new job”, that’s far too vague. A new job—where? Doing what, exactly? What kind of culture and environment? How much money do you hope, or need, to make? What elements are important to you on the job, or in your career? The more explicit and specific you can be, the more able your mind is to grasp an idea of exactly what you want. When you are vague, your mind goes in far too many directions and can’t really focus on the specifics of what you want.

2. Identify your obstacles to success: Something has been getting in the way, make note of what those things are. If there weren’t obstacles, you’d already be at the goal you desire. Obstacles can be anything from time, to money, to motivation, to family concerns or issues. Obstacles can be large or small, and they can seem daunting when you actually list and review them. For this reason, make your obstacles manageable, those you can control, those you can influence and those out of your control. The fact that there are only 24 hours in any given day is out of your control, but how you use that time is within either your influence or your full control. It can be helpful to organize what’s in the way to be able to step back from those things keeping you stuck and devise a plan to get around or overcome them.

To read 3, 4 & 5 see the full article on psycologytoday.com

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