Haven Alumni Highlight - Lindsay C.

Haven Alumni Highlight - Lindsay C.

My sobriety date is 1/29/12. I started drinking and using drugs at the age of 12. Once I started I couldn’t stop. This went on for the next 10 years and progressively my life got worse, until I reached a point where I had nothing else to lose. After spending a few nights in jail, still sick from detoxing off of alcohol, heroin, and cocaine. I found myself in the VOA detox center once again, where I stayed for the next three months until I got into residential treatment.

I ended up at The Haven, a place I truly believe saved my life.

While there, I was introduced to a new way of life without the use of drugs or alcohol. More importantly, I knew in my heart I was ready to do whatever it took to stay sober this time. Somewhere along the way I heard a message of hope from many people through their stories. I was given a chance to really understand why I used drugs and alcohol to cope. It was like I got a second chance at life. I had to relearn everything again, from making my bed, to learning what healthy communication was and so on. I once again began to have structure in my life. I was also introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous, a program where I have been able to achieve years of continuous sobriety one day at a time.

Throughout my sobriety I’ve been able to set and achieve many goals I never thought possible. Shortly before getting sober, my car had been repossessed and my license suspended for an alcohol related reckless driving. It took me three years of walking and riding Trax all over town, working odd jobs before I was able to get my license back. Soon after that, I had achieved another goal and got my GED finally at the age of 25. All the while, I had met and fell in love with a man who I now get to call my husband. After getting my GED I soon became pregnant with my first baby girl who is now a thriving 4-year-old. After she was born I enrolled and graduated from the Paul Mitchell Hair Academy. Recently, my husband achieved one of his life-long goals of opening up his own business, Cutthroat Barbershop. We ended up having our second daughter who is 15 months old. A little over three months ago I had the wedding of my dreams and married my best friend Michael, whom I get to walk this journey of recovery with. I have the most amazing support system of friends and family and am surrounded by group of women that have been there with me every step of the way.

I believe I have been able to stay sober with the help of the spiritual principles I’ve been taught in Alcoholics Anonymous and through The Haven fellowship. The Haven has given me more than I could ever repay them for.

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