Five Tips to Maintain Sobriety After Drug Addiction Treatment

Five Tips to Maintain Sobriety After Drug Addiction Treatment

Maintaining sobriety becomes easier over time, especially after learning new ways to manage cravings and triggers. After recovering from substance use disorder is part of the journey to lifelong sobriety. Use these simple tips to develop a strong strategy to maintain sobriety after drug addiction treatment.

1. Seek Continuing Care

Temptations and cravings aren't a sign of weakness, but may indicate it is time to seek help. Help is available at all stages of recovery, even after a relapse.

Recovering from substance use disorder is easier with support

Inpatient treatment is just one step of the recovery process. With continuing care through outpatient services, support is just a phone call away. Learning to refocus mental and physical energy is also a simple way to fight temptations.

2. Develop New Hobbies

Hobbies are essential tools for many people who are learning to manage an addiction. An engaging hobby reduces cravings by capturing attention and encouraging active participation. Any activity is suitable, but opting for active hobbies like creating art and spending time outdoors is usually preferable. Passive activities like playing online games aren't as healthy as hobbies that engage both your mind and body.

3. Manage Stress Effectively

Stress can trigger a relapse for those learning to manage substance use disorder. Stress management techniques are often incorporated into drug and alcohol treatment plans to encourage long-term sobriety.

Developing a personal plan to manage stress is also an option after leaving treatment. For instance, exercise promotes feelings of well-being and reduces stress. Avoiding situations that trigger cravings is also important.

4. Choose Supportive Friends

One of the most difficult aspects of recovering from substance abuse disorder is adjusting to life without drugs and alcohol. Although cravings are often less frequent when old friends aren't part of daily life, temptations and cravings may still occur.

Inpatient treatment at the Haven Rehabilitation Center in Utah provides a range of strategies that promote sobriety. Finding simple ways to stay motivated in everyday life also promotes a sober lifestyle.

5. Find Motivation

Maintaining motivation may be as simple as keeping a journal of successes or volunteering to assist others in the community. Look for new inspirations every day and practice mindfulness, or staying focused on the present moment, to stay motivated.

Professional drug addiction treatment provides the building blocks for a healthy, sober lifestyle. Contact the Haven Rehabilitation center in Utah to learn new ways to become and stay sober.

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