Finding Help for Drug Addiction

Finding Help for Drug Addiction

Getting help for drug addiction doesn't have to be hard. With the variety of alcohol addiction treatment programs in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area, there are programs to meet the needs of any addict that needs assistance with drug problems.

Types Treatment Programs for Addiction

Drug addiction treatment begins with a period of detox. There is no easy way to solve drug problems, and detox can be difficult when one tries to detox at home alone. Alcohol addiction treatment programs designed to help an addict safely remove drugs from their system can provide medical supervision when necessary. Once detox is complete, clients can begin an inpatient treatment program, attend treatment as an outpatient, and consider moving to a sober living facility for additional support.

Inpatient treatment involves living in a drug rehab facility to learn the skills necessary to cope better with stress. Groups are attended, and clients are taught stress reduction techniques. In addition, groups are facilitated in order to teach clients the importance of building up a strong support network.

Outpatient treatment is similar to inpatient treatment, except the individual returns home each night. This is an excellent option for individuals who have a strong support network at home and can live at home without risking their early sobriety. For many addicts, outpatient treatment is only effective once a period of inpatient treatment occurs.

Sober Living for Individuals Who Aren't Ready to Return Home

For people who aren't ready to return home after a short stay in a drug addiction treatment, sober living is often recommended. This is an opportunity to live with others who are struggling with addiction and are in the same place in the recovery process. Sober living is where many people meet the friends and support network they need in order to gain sobriety and remain sober once they are back out in the community.

Sober living programs provide a safe environment for individuals who can't return home because the environment is not going to support their sobriety. At sober living, individuals attend groups out in the community, begin working to be able to stabilize their lives, and learn skills necessary to be successful in sobriety.

Getting help for drug addiction is only a phone call away. The Haven is ready to get you the services you need. Call The Haven today to begin your sober journey.

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