Finding Drug Treatment in Utah

Finding Drug Treatment in Utah

Drug or alcohol addiction can turn lives upside down. When people are "in it," they tend to make terrible choices and may even sever important relationships. Some addicts end up feeling that they have nowhere to turn to. But that simply isn't true.

Finding Help

There is help available. Everyone knows about 12-step groups like AA and NA. They're found in most cities. Some addicts go to one meeting a day for years, to find support and help stay sober. But sometimes, that's not the best solution.

It can be dangerous for a chronic alcoholic to stop drinking cold turkey. Medical detox might be necessary. Or an addict might have a dual diagnosis, of addiction plus a mental illness, and require psychiatric treatment. Some people have entered 12 step groups and then left. They're anxious about returning, or have decided it's not the program for them.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment at The Haven treatment center can be a great option for people dealing with chemical dependency. The team at The Haven is experienced. They've seen every imaginable addiction, including alcohol, meth, heroin, prescription drugs and more.

This treatment center is designed to be a safe haven. That's how it got its name. In residential treatment, recovery is the main focus of every day. Inpatients spend lots of time in group therapy, learning to listen to others and to examine their inner selves closely.

It's not all group, however. Individualized treatment is also necessary. Inpatients meet with addiction professionals one-on-one to discuss treatment plans and the progress they're making. Following inpatient treatment, sober living is a great way to transition back to normal life. For some patients, going directly home may also be an option.

If you are struggling with a substance abuse disorder, call The Haven at 801-533-0070 to discuss treatment options. There is help for you!

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