Drinking and Breast Cancer

Drinking and Breast Cancer

Alcohol and cancer are clearly linked. Doctors have known this for years. But often, the average Joe or Jane has no idea about the connection. Recently, the issue of alcohol and the development of cancers has received a lot of media attention.

Previously, many medical professionals believed that two glasses of red wine per day could be helpful for health. Now, they are walking that advice back. Some studies suggest that drinking alcohol has no benefits at all.

Most medical advice continues to promote a moderate approach

The new guideline says that for men, up to two drinks per day may be safe. For women, just one beer or glass of wine is safe. And it shouldn't be every day. Anything beyond about five drinks per week of use can take an estimated 15 minutes off of someone's lifespan.

Researchers have known that alcohol consumption can impact cancer risk for years

There are some questions about how much donations from alcohol producing companies may have affected their research. The role of marketing in making alcohol seem desirable and healthy is also important to acknowledge.

Many Americans are binge drinkers, downing five or more drinks in one outing. Many others are chronic alcoholics. They may have eight, ten or even more drinks each day. For these people, cutting back on alcohol is a great way to reduce the risk of common cancers, like breast cancer. Otherwise, statistics show that their lives can be shortened by years.

Do you consume more than one or two alcoholic drinks per day?

Do you find that your drinking causes problems in your work life and personal relationships? Has your health suffered, or might it suffer based on what we now know? If you would like to drink less or stop drinking, contact the Haven today. This treatment center is a great place to get help for drug and alcohol addiction.

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