Don't Be Fooled By Rock Bottom Myths

Don't Be Fooled By Rock Bottom Myths

Many drug and alcohol addicts talk about hitting rock bottom before sobering up. Many times, the rock bottom experience is both incredible and horrifying at the same time. The experience serves as a wake up call for the addict, and it is sends a message to any listener that the addiction experienced by those with substance use disorder is powerful enough create such stunning sadness.

Rock bottom experiences are real, and they are powerful.

However, something dangerous can come from all of these experiences. As an example, we can look to movie and television shows. Here, characters often have incredible rock bottom experiences. The show or movie might show a person's substance use disorder bankrupting the family business, destroying a relationship, or even causing the death of someone. Many of these experiences are dolled up with melodramatic flourishes, but the rock bottom experiences are often based on at least one addict's real struggle somewhere.

Notwithstanding such powerful imagery, it is important to remember that not all rock bottom experiences regarding addiction are dramatic. Some rock bottom experiences that cause an addict to turn a corner are merely quiet moments of reflection. The rock bottom experience also might be something few folks notice and might only involve a handful of people.

This means that the friends and families of addicts don't need to wait for some massive rock bottom experience to occur before seeking help for their friend or family member. It also means that addicts themselves need to stop waiting for a dramatic life event to make a change. An experience that sparks the recovery process for an addict doesn't need to be newsworthy. It only needs to be enough to begin the small process of change that leads to recovery.

If you experienced something that nudged you in the direction of change, consider reaching out to The Haven. The team members there will be able to help you begin the process of healing.

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