Could We All be Addicted to Something in the Absence of Self-Love?

Could We All be Addicted to Something in the Absence of Self-Love?

In a controversial post published on the Good News Network, actor Russell Brand brings to light an interesting concept - are we all addicted to something in the absence of self-love? Could self-love be the answer to ending addiction and conquering long term sobriety, by filling the inner void and suffering that so deeply occurs in all of us.

Russell Brand has never been shy about his struggles, particularly those that relate to his battles with alcoholism, drugs, and even his sex addiction. As of late, he's been an outspoken supporter of meditation, connecting with oneself, and finding that sense of calmness that he believes rests within everyone.

While speaking with Jay Shetty, he recently discussed his viewpoint on addiction. He believes that everyone is addicted to something, unless they have learned to love themselves and overcome this consumer-crazed culture that we live in today.

Only through self-discovery can we learn to appreciate ourselves, our relationships, and our connection with the world.

Russell Brand, author of the book "Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions," believes he has tapped into the most non-mainstream way to guide others away from their addictions. As someone who has struggled with heroin, sex, fame, food and all sorts of other addictions, Russell believes that connection with oneself is the best way to approach recovery and it has kept him clean and sober for many years.

The proclamation came to no surprise to Jay Shetty, a YouTube show host and content creator that at the age of 22 took a break from wealth and fame to travel to India and Europe as a monk. Since returning, Jay Shetty's YouTube channel has been growing wildly, he's now one of the most inspirational motivational speakers on topics of business, love, life, and health.

You can watch the inspiring talk show interview between Russell Brand and Jay Shetty on YouTube here.

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