Bryan Smethurst

Bryan SmethurstBryan is a 32 year old father of two, he is from Heber City, and is a Veteran who served our country in Afghanistan starting at the age of 17. He began using when he came back from his tour in 2005, due to the PTSD, and never having talked to anyone or dealt with the trauma he experienced overseas. Using gave him the escape he needed, and soon he began using opiates to recover from nights out drinking and using other drugs. His addiction took a turn for the worst after he found and began using opiates regularly, as it does for many. 

By the time Bryan ended up at The Haven Sober Living, he had been through 6 previous treatment centers, and had just come from the male only facility, First Step House. He now has one year and fifteen days sober, and before The Haven he couldn’t put more than six months together. He attributes his successes at the Haven to the staff support, community support, and the structure the sober living program offers.

“Being surrounded by a group of people all in recovery, all there to support one another, and all to hold each other accountable really helped me thrive in my recovery. When I have suffered from periods of depression, or just being down, there are always plenty of people around The Haven to help pick me back up.”

One of the most successful and special aspects of The Haven is the recovery community surrounding it. There is an abundant amount of love and support to be had there. There is a good amount of people with a lot of time, and plenty of newcomers to remember where you don’t want to be, or have to be again. This community truly is remarkable. It is filled with newcomers, oldtimers, people who work in the addiction field, and people just there to support those on the wild ride of substance abuse recovery. It gives the clients in recovery the healthy social skills that had been missing for so long. This social aspect at The Haven really helps in recovery longevity.

“I haven’t ever been part of a community like The Haven. We all go to meetings together, go out to eat after meetings, and even go bowling together. It keeps us from isolating and feeling alone when we go through hard times.”

The Haven does a great job of helping people transition back into society. They have an abundance of resources and ties in the community, and they don’t let you just sit around and twiddle your thumbs. They have people in sober living either working a full time job, or do community service, but one is required. This helps push people back into healthy work environments that contribute to better outcomes with sustained recovery.

“I would recommend The Haven to anyone on the streets, or not, that is serious about getting better and is ready to change their life today. If you really want it, and are willing to work for it, they will help you get there.”

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