Best of State Award: Humanitarian Organization 2017

Best of State Award: Humanitarian Organization 2017This year, we are proud to announce that we have won the Best of State award for top Humanitarian Organization.

To be classified as Best of State, judges in the state of Utah look for organizations, individuals and businesses that not only excel in their field, but who use innovative methods and create an all around better quality of life for the community. We at The Haven are proud to be recognized as a group that excels above all else.

A high overall ranking for this award indicates lower prevalence of mental illness, and higher rates of access to care. A low overall ranking indicates higher prevalence of mental illness and lower rates of access to care. The combined scores of all 15 measures make up the overall ranking. The overall ranking includes both adult and youth measures as well as prevalence and access to care measures.

The Haven provides grassroots community leaders, advocates, and professionally trained individuals from a wide range of disciplines can practice community-based rehabilitation. Those include occupational therapists, physical therapists, rehabilitation counselors, developmental therapists, community psychologists, social workers, nurses, public health professionals, and physicians specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

The 15 measures that make up the overall ranking include:

Adults with Any Mental Illness (AMI)
Adults with Dependence or Abuse of Illicit Drugs or Alcohol
Adults with Serious Thoughts of Suicide
Youth with At Least one Past Year Major Depressive Episode (MDE)
Youth with Dependence or Abuse of illicit Drugs or Alcohol
Youth with Severe MDE
Adults with AMI who Did Not Receive Treatment
Adults with AMI Reporting Unmet Need
Adults with AMI who are Uninsured
Adults with Disability who Could Not See a Doctor Due to Costs
Youth with MDE who Did Not Receive Mental Health Services
Youth with Severe MDE who Received Some Consistent Treatment
Children with Private Insurance that Did Not Cover Mental or Emotional Problems
Students Identified with Emotional Disturbance for an Individualized Education Program
Mental Health Workforce Availability

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