Benefits of Sober Living Programs

havenThere is much research and statistics supporting sober living programs as the most successful and ideal step down from residential treatment. It has proven to be directly correlated with the longevity of an addict’s sobriety. As addicts move out of a life of chaos, highs and lows, distress and uncertainty to a life of stability, structure, and recovery it is best experienced surrounded by a supportive group of peers. This being the program most residential treatment centers provide, and it is suggested best to stick with this consistency and support as long as possible.

It is said time and time again that the longer the addict stays in a residential rehab center, the more favorable the addict’s chances are of avoiding a relapse. Because residential treatment is expensive, and not always a long term option, sober living provides an extended safe haven in which addicts are kept away from the temptations inherent in their previous lives. While providing this ongoing support and structure, sober livings also provide addicts with the experience of getting back out into the world one step and one day at a time.

Relapse is probably the biggest fear an addict and their loved ones face upon making the decision to get sober, so it’s best to do everything possible to prevent it. About 50 percent of recovering alcohol and drug addicts will relapse at some point after initial treatment, as it has shown to take an estimated five years to reach a full-sustained recovery. The first 30 to 90 days after initial treatment are the most critical for preventing relapse, as most relapses occur within this time frame. Of the individuals who leave drug or alcohol treatment, over half will be re-admitted into treatment within a five-year period. These sobering statistics are frightening, but sober livings are in place to help face these fears, lower the addicts risk of relapse, and help begin a life anew.

As we look at the concerns, the main one with this level of continuing care is the cost. The concern comes with the addict either not having insurance, or the insurance company they do have not willing to cover it. With that being said there are a handful of positive factors in which to justify the cost, depending on the facility you chose. It is important to do your research, as there are also low cost options with just as high of success rates. Looking at what you are getting with these programs is the best place to start. They provide a safe environment, a network of sober peers, chores and delegated tasks to keep the addict accountable, restrictions on guests, on-site drug testing, weekly process groups to resolve community issues, resources to help addicts find jobs, 12 step meetings, and any on-going therapy needed.

So before deciding that the excitement of getting out of residential treatment and back home, consider sober living. Think of it as an insurance policy on your recovery, and a chance to get all the continuing care needed to successfully live a life of recovery. The Haven offers low cost, high success sober living services.

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