What to Expect When Going Into Residential Rehab

Residential RehabMost people don’t know what to expect when going to a residential treatment facility for the first time; it can be very overwhelming, and in some cases hindering your want to go at all. We are going to take a look at the main things to expect, and hopefully alleviate some fear of the unknown.

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Journaling: A Powerful Tool on the Road to Recovery

Journaling Road to RecoveryDr. Indra Cidambi, M.D. explains that when treating addiction patients, recommending they keep a journal is very helpful. She uses it as a powerful tool to help clients achieve and maintain recovery. She suggests using it as a way to practice expressing feelings, and to examine ways to avoid relapse. She suggests that instead of writing a synopsis of your entire day, the more effective way is to reflect on the conflicts that impact you or a family member during the day.

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codependencyAh yes, it’s finally time to discuss and tackle this animal, so ingrained in addicted family systems it can often become worse than the drug and/ or alcohol addiction itself. There is a lot of stigma attached to this disease as well. It often occurs in those already suffering from substance abuse addiction, and/ or their family members. Nobody wants to be dependent on others, and much less to have a disease that symptoms are over dependence on others and their addictions.

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Ditching Perfection and Embracing Progress

ditching perfection embracing progressWe are all guilty of the perfectionist mind space, but as you or your loved one find and then move into a life of recovery, it is proven to be very crucial to focus on progress, and ditch the perfectionism. Addiction is already such a shame-based disease, why add more insult to injury? Why strive to do it perfectly, when all that is required is progress?

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The Tarnished American Dream

tarnished american dreamThis heroic and freeing idea of the “American Dream” has been instilled in us since a very young age. But has America’s political and financial problems tarnished this once sought after dream, and instead brought about self-destruction in record numbers? Unfortunately yes, but why?

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