Childhood Anxiety: A Gateway to Mental Health Disorders in Adulthood

Childhood Anxiety: A Gateway to Mental Health Disorders in AdulthoodIn a recent Charlie Rose interview a panel of three mental health experts examined this coinciding relation. They found that, starting at age 4, 9 percent of preschoolers presented with Childhood Anxiety Disorder, Separation Anxiety by age 6, Generalized Anxiety Disorder by age 10, and with an overlay of Social Anxiety during this time period.

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Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Change

Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To ChangeChange sucks. It doesn't matter what the change is. It could be as small as losing 5 pounds or as large as deciding to go to rehab.

Take a moment and think about one area of your life you want to change. It could be anything - your weight, your alcohol use, your career, your marriage, or whatever else is going on in your life. I would imagine that many of us do not have a shortage of possibilities.

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Liz: Mother Nature is My Therapy

Liz: Mother Nature is My TherapyI have had the pleasure of exploring the outside world since I was very young, like 2 weeks old strapped in a boat in Lake Powell young. Whether it was boating, camping, hiking, or backpacking, I always felt at ease when I was exploring the outdoors. I did not know why I was always that “weird kid” who would rather run outside and go on a camping trip than play dress up and have tea parties at school, but that was who I was.

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Women and Addiction: 6 Common Myths

Women and Addiction: 6 Common MythsWhile biology and circumstances affect who is at risk for addiction in both sexes, gender can shape how trauma, loss, and family influence that risk. Women grow up with different cultural mores and process feelings differently, and in some cases appear to be more biologically susceptible to some addictions.

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8 Strategies to Combat Insomnia in Early Recovery

8 Strategies to Combat Insomnia in Early RecoveryAlthough there can be many reasons for insomnia, ranging from anxiety to medical disorders, many of us experience difficulty sleeping, and especially in early recovery. An all-too-common solution is to turn to prescription or over-the-counter sleep aids, but this can be tricky and confusing in the beginning stages of getting sober.

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