A Look at What Causes Eating Disorders

A Look at What Causes Eating DisordersInsecure attachment is a key risk factor for the development of eating disorder (Bruch, 1982). A recent Netflix-produced drama (“To the Bone”) demonstrates the role of disturbed attachment as a contributing factor to the life of a girl suffering anorexia.

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The Truth About Booze & Our Bodies

The Truth About Booze & Our BodiesHow does booze really effect our brain, heart, and overall health of our body? We decided to take a closer look at whats really going on when alcohol is present in our systems. Even those "moderate" drinkers we may know and love, are still at risk for damage when consuming alcohol on a regular basis.

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Lake Powell 2017 Update

 Lake Powell 2017 UpdateThis fall, The Haven is proud to bring back the infamous Lake Powell trip. After a year hiatus, the best trip of the year is back, and not to be missed! We leave September 24th, and get back September 29th!

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Why The LGBTQ Community Experiences More Drug Abuse

Why The LGBT Community Experiences More Drug AbuseWe all know about the opioid abuse crisis among the U.S. population. But do you know that SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services) studies indicate that substance abuse is 20 to 30 percent higher among LGBT youth than the general population?

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